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Unique Features

IIMR Core Strengths : Destination for Industry Ready Professionals


  1. Add on certification programs for skill development
  2. ERP based digital learning system for enhanced effectiveness of teaching and learning.
  3. The team with varied industry and academic experience with PhD
  4. Joint training programs by Industry and in house trainers on Projects, Internships and On job trainings
  5. Personality Development, Aptitude and Language skill training for Placements
  6. Holistic Development through student club activities.
  7. Entrepreneurship Development Cell for facilitating students startups.
  8. Teaching through Extra Curricular Activity based modules.
  9. Merit rank of IIMR students in University Examination
  10. Academic association with National Institutes for student’s exposure.
  11. Intensive training by sports coaches for national and international tournaments
  12. Excellent Infrastructure support for indoor and outdoor games
  13. Student holistic development through SYNDICATE Intervention
  14. Student evaluation for development and placement by professional agencies
  15. Extensive involvement of teachers in research, project grants and consultancy
  16. Special center of learning to develop skills in area of financial services and Business Analytics.