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Principal’s Message

Dr. Simranjeet Kaur Sandhar
Officiating Principal, IIMR

The world around is ever evolving, it is dynamic. With the changes in the business world the role of a manger also changes at a lightning speed. Adaptation to this change requires a perfect acumen of analytical and decision making skills. It is management education that empowers an aspiring manager with the dexterity required to match up the ever-changing, complex, and multifaceted business aspects. It imbibes in the manager the functional knowledge and skills to keep him abreast in the cut throat competition.

The need is to inculcate in the manager the different skills such as being functionally competent in the early stages of career, to be more responsible towards the context and strategy in the next stage, developing leadership qualities at a higher position and possess insightful understanding to accomplish their vision at the advanced stages of career.

We at IIMR are focused to cater these diverse needs of preparing the right kind of workforce for the future. Indore Institute of Management and Research is the right destination for Industry Oriented Programmes in the field of Management, Arts, Science and Commerce. These programs emphasize on the very aspect of higher education which is to be futuristic, innovative and user oriented. Our students are constantly provided platforms where they can come out of their shell, develop and hone their skills. Interactive and engaging classroom sessions, innovative teaching pedagogy, seminars, workshops, skill development programs and extra-curricular activities and regular industry interface  not only develop their functional competence but develop interpersonal skills as well, contributing to their holistic development. We promote interdisciplinary learning by offering a range of programmes under one roof.

This 360 degree approach provided by IIMR makes it a sought after institute for prestigious companies across the nation. The soft skills training along with the pre placement incubation activities make the students ready for placement. The past records of IIMR prove that our students have been selected in premium organizations.

Every individual has a contribution to make to the society where it belongs. It is pertinent that this realization is made and understood by all. At IIMR we take utmost care that we shape up socially responsible citizens of the society who would further contribute to shape a better world.

Adding my last two cents I welcome you all to the family of IIMR where together we shall make a mark for ourselves. I promise that all your aspirations shall be well taken care of and your journey towards realization of your goals would be enriching and satisfying.

IIST/IIP/IIMR management with a strong belief in Best Practices has extended hand-holding to its students during a tough time of COVID pandemic by giving -

  1. Easy installment options to pay the fee in all three institutions.
  2. Offer to provide free education to all the students, who lost their single earning parent during the pandemic in case not getting assistance from Govt.
  3. Even final year students have been given concessions in fees who were facing financial hardship due to Covid.
  4. Last but not the least, No student has been deprived of writing exams due to non-payment of fees.