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  • Future of Tech in the Work Environment

    • September 22, 2020
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    Technology has not only been smart enough to change the personal and work environment but also has the capacity to think smarter than humans, which has resulted in smart.

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  • The Post-Pandemic Phase Would See a Steep Rise in Digitalization

    Under the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has, by all means, go into a state of standstill and isolation. And until we get hold of the vaccine, social distancing remains.

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  • Smart Factory: The next generation of Manufacturing

    Automation is not a new thing for industries; it is a technology concerned with the application of mechanical, electronic, and computer-based systems to operate and control the manufacturing process..

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  • Your Appearance introduces you before you SPEAK!

    Imagine… you entering a store.There are two salespersons; one of them is dressed casually with messy shoes and tousled hair. The other one in formal wear, polished shoes, with.

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  • Dominant technologies of current era

    2020 is now in the middle, and current technologies are already hitting the heights. It is time to move on and look at current achievements. Narrow Artificial Intelligence, Mixed.

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  • Internet of business- Indore Institute

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is an inherently vague buzzword. An IoT device can mean anything from an appliance in your smart home or your connected car to essentially any object.

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  • The use of technology in different fields

    Introduction Technology in 21stcentury has enabled humans to make strides our ancestors could only dream of. This means that 21st technology allows us to manage dreams as possible which.

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  • Use Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering

    As we all know that Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are recent advancement technology for computer science engineers. But it is not like that, AI is not only applicable.

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    We bring you the 09 most popular prototyping and development boards in 2020. As we know that Robotics is the heart of Electronics and Communication Engineering. Similarly, Microcontroller is.

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  • Sustainable Civil Engineering – “Engineering for Sustainable Development”

    Sustainable development can be seen as a process of development where socio-economic and technological concerns are placed within eco-centric concerns, or human expectations and aspirations are satisfied by the.

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