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    The students of foreign trade need to be well versed with the vital macroeconomic dimensions central to the opportunities and risks in the global market. The course ‘Business Opportunities and Risks in a Globalized Economy’ was conducted for BBA (Foreign Trade) 3rd Semester students and a total of 21 students successfully completed the course. The course served the need of students to comprehend the macroeconomic factors surrounding the international business. It offered deep insights on dimensions including analysis of institutional and international data and the key indicators clubbed with their various opportunities and risks considerations. Detailed investigation of some of the largest economies in the world, like – U.S.A., E.U., Japan and India added to the student’s orientation about the contemporary and future market trends and economic developments globally. The course benefitted the students in developing much needed skills to analyze the global market to identify and act upon the various opportunities and risks. This course added to the strategic thinking of the students and imparts skills for better decision making.

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IIST/IIP/IIMR management with a strong belief in Best Practices has extended hand-holding to its students during a tough time of COVID pandemic by giving -

  1. Easy installment options to pay the fee in all three institutions.
  2. Offer to provide free education to all the students, who lost their single earning parent during the pandemic in case not getting assistance from Govt.
  3. Even final year students have been given concessions in fees who were facing financial hardship due to Covid.
  4. Last but not the least, No student has been deprived of writing exams due to non-payment of fees.