S.No.NameDesignationQualificationExpArea of SpecializationPhoto
1Mr. Ranjeet OsariHOD (Assistant Professor)PhD (Pursuing) DAVV, M.Tech in I.S. MANIT, Bhopal, BE in I.T., IET, DAVV


10 yrsInformation Security
2Mr. Aditya NagdiyaAssistant ProfessorPhD Perusing IT, DAVV, M.E. in I.S., DAVV BE in CSE, RGPV


8 YrsInformation Security
3Ms. Alpana MeenaAssistant ProfessorM.E. in I.S. BUIT, BE in I.T. PTRS


9 YrsInformation Security
4Mr. Piyush VyasAssistant ProfessorM.E in I.T., RGPV
BE in I.T.
5 YrsInformation Technology
S NoNameDesignationQualificationExperienceArea Of SpecializationPublicationsPhoto
1Dr. V.R. RaghuveerProfessor, Dean

Academics& Research

PhD15 YearsArtificial Intelligence, Data Mining & Learning Technologies23
2Mr. Anil KhandekarAssociate Professor & HODME /PhD pursuing13 YearsData Base Management and Software Engineering15
3Ms. Veena KhandelwalAssistant ProfessorM. Tech /PhD pursuing7 YearsCloud Computing6
4Mr.T S AroraAssistant ProfessorM.Tech13 YearsComputer Science & Engineering6
5Mr. Nitin RathoreAssociate ProfessorME/PhD pursuing12 YearsInformation Security, Edge Computing7
6Ms.Margi PatelAssistant ProfessorME12 YearsComputer Networks,ISM, AI, Network Management, Software Engineering12
7Mr. Nitesh RastogiAssistant ProfessorM.Tech10 YearsDBMS, Software Engineering, Operating Systems11
8Ms. Lalita BargadiyaAssistant Professor 


10 YearsSoft Computing, Data Mining and Database12
9Mr. Virendra SinghAssociate ProfessorM.Tech /PhD Pursuing8 YearsAlgorithms, Theory of Computation8
10Mr. Pradeep BaniyaAssistant ProfessorME11 YearsComputer Science & Engineering5
11Mr. Rakesh JainAssistant ProfessorME8 YearsWireless and MANET2
12Ms. Nidhi NigamAssistant ProfessorME8 Years 10 MonthsSoftware Engineering5
13Ms. Akanksha VargheseAssistant ProfessorM.Tech6 Years 6 MonthsImage Processing3
14Ms. Chanchal BansalAssistant ProfessorM.Tech9 YearsComputer Science & Engineering8
15Ms. Poorva ShuklaAssistant ProfessorME7 YearsComputer Science & Engineering4
16Mr. Deepak VishwakarmaAssistant ProfessorME4 Years 8 MonthsNetwork Security, Computer Network, Computer Programming5
17Mr. Jitendra Kumar GoraAssistant ProfessorME3 YearsMANET /Data Structures /Theory Of Computation2
18Ms Priyanka PalodAssistant ProfessorME/M.Tech6 YearsData Base Management Systems4
19Mr. Jayaraju PoreddyAssistant ProfessorME2 YearsProgramming Languages

and Computer Network

20Ms. Ritumbara ChauhanAssistant ProfessorME3 MonthsData Mining, Database Management System, Operating System, Compiler0
Dr. Keshav PatidarPh.D.Professor
Mr. Ankit JainM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr.Anand MantriM. Tech.Assistant Professor
Ms. Amrita PahadiyaM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr. Devendra Singh MandloiM. TechAssistant Professor
Ms. Neha ChoudharyM. Tech.Assistant Professor
Shravan Kumar NamdeoM. Tech.Assistant Professor
Mr. Mohan KarmaBEAssistant Professor
Mr. Rupesh DuttaM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr.Deepak YadavM. Tech.Assistant Professor
Mr. Atul Singh KushwahM. TechAssistant Professor
Ms. Aarti YadavM. Tech.Assistant Professor
Mr. Sachin ManglasherilM. Tech.Assistant Professor
Mr. Neeraj MalviyaM. Tech.Assistant Professor
Mr. Indrajeet singhM. Tech.Assistant Professor
Mr. Ulas KothariM. Tech.Assistant Professor


Mr. Niraj Soni

Associate Professor

Teaching & Industrial Experience: 16 Years

Research Area:

Ø  Seismic Analysis of Flat slab & Shear wall

Ø  RCC OH tank


Address: House No.214-A, Pragati Nagar Indore

E-mail : niraj.soni@indoreinstitute.com

Contact No: +91 9977025413


Mr. Shailendra Singh

Assistant Professor

Teaching & Industrial Experience: 6 Years

Research Area:

Ø  Finite Element Method

Ø  Higher Order Shear deformation Theory

Ø  Plates & Shells

Ø  Elasticity & Plasticity

Address: Flat No. 301, Staff Flats, IIST Campus Rau, Indore

E-mail: shailendra.singh@indoreinstitute.com

Contact No: +919713240403

Mr. Manish Kumar Nimoriya

Assistant Professor

Teaching & Industrial Experience: 6 Years

Research Area:

Ø  Structural analysis Engineering

Ø  Advance characterisation techniques for building materials

Ø  Seismic rehabilitation analysis

Ø  Masonry infill wall analysis

Address: Flat No. 301, Staff Flats, IIST Campus Rau, Indore

E-mail: manish.nimoriya@indoreinstitute.com

Contact No: +91 9522444456

Mr. Aman Tiwari

Assistant Professor

Teaching & Industrial Experience: 5 Years

Research Area:

Ø  Advance Concrete Design

Ø  Climate Conscious Design

Ø  Cross Cultural issues in construction organisation

Ø  Infrastructure project management

Address: 54 Prashar nagar Rajandra nagar, Indore M.P.

E-mail : avinash.singh2@indoreinstitute.com

Contact No: +91 9713955345

Mr. Avinash Singh

Assistant Professor

Teaching & Industrial Experience: 1 Year

Research Area:

Ø  Analysis of tensegrity structure

Ø  Mix design using waste materials

Ø  Analysis of geopolymer concrete


Address: 54 Prashar nagar Rajandra nagar, Indore M.P.

E-mail : avinash.singh2@indoreinstitute.com

Contact No: +91 9713955345

Mr. Ishanya Joshi

Assistant Professor

Teaching & Industrial Experience: 4 Years

Research Area:


Address : 5/2 Vikram Marg ,Rajgarh (M.P.)

E-Mail : ishanya.joshi@indoreinstitute.com

Contact No: +919406531364


Mr. Ghansyam Patidar

Assistant Professor

Teaching & Industrial Experience: 3 Years

Research Area:

Ø  Low cast construction materials

Ø  Partial replacement of coarse and fine aggregate

Ø  Ground improvement technics

Address: 44- Sanchar Nagar ext., Indore (M.P.)



Contact no: +91 9981187708

S.No.NameDesignationQualificationExpArea of SpecializationPhoto
1Mrs Samatha SinghHead of DepartmentB.E., M.Tech, (PhD pursuing)17 yearsElectricity generation  through waste water and nano technology
2Mr. Rahul GuptaAssistant ProfessorB.E., M.Tech6.5 YearsEnvironment Management and stoichiometry


3Mr. Rahul BhargavaAssistant ProfessorB.E., M.Tech2 years 8 monthsFluid Flow,

Mechanical Operations and Environment Managment

4Mr. Pankaj MalaviyaAssistant ProfessorB.E., M.Tech1 yearMass Transfer , Heat Transfer Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Reaction Engineering
5Mr. Pankaj KumarAssistant ProfessorB.E., M.Tech1 yearWastewater Treatment Microbial Fuel Cell
6Ms. Farhin KhanAssistant ProfessorB.E.3.9 YearsProcess Modeling & Simulation, Equipment Design
Dr. Aditya P. SinghPhD., M. TechAssociate Professor
Mr. Rakesh ThakurM. TECHAssociate Professor
Mr. Kamta Prasad TiwariM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr. O.P. SinghM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr. Akhilesh MishraM. TECHAssistant Professor
Ms. Falguni GoranaM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr. Shantanu RoyM. Tech/td>Assistant Professor
Mr. Rajiv GuptaM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr. Amit YadavM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr. Pritesh PaliwalBEAssistant Professor
Ms. Minakshi DasM. TechAssistant Professor
Mr. Sumeet Kumar ShuklaBEAssistant Professor
Mr. Mukesh SharmaM. TechAssociate Professor
Mr. Rahul VermaBEAssistant professor
Mr. Rajesh Kumar SongarM. TechAssistant professor
Mr. Ajay PagareM. TechAssistant professor
Mr. Ashish SoniM. TechAssistant professor
Mr. Yogesh DodiyaM. TechAssistant professor
Mr. Jitin MandloiM. TechAssistant professor
Mr. Pushpanjay Kumar SinghM. TechAssistant professor
Dr. Saurabh JainPh.D (Maths)Associate Professor
Dr. Namarta KaushalPh.D (Maths)Associate Professor
Dr. Parimeeta ChanchaniPh.D (Chemistry)Professor
Dr. Irfan MansuriPhD PhysicsAssociate Professor
Mr. Amit JainM. Phil, MSc PhysicsAssistant Professor
Dr. G. Robin WilsonPh.D (Chemistry)Assistant Professor
Mr. Gopal YadavMSc MathematicsAssistant Professor
Dr. Neena ThackerPhD English LiteratureAssistant Professor
Ms. Asma QureshiM. A English LiteratureAssistant Professor

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