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Courses offered:

  • D.Pharm (Diploma in pharmacy)
  • B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)
  • M.Pharm (Masters of Pharmacy)
    • Pharmaceutics
    • Quality assurance
Degree Awarded Duration Entry Level Seats
D.Pharm (Diploma in pharmacy) 2 Years 12th (PCB/PCM) 60
B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) 4 Years 12th (PCB/PCM) 100
M.P  harm (Masters of Pharmacy) 2 Years B.Pharm.
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Quality assurance
  • 18
  • 09

Located in the +50 acres lush green campus opposite to IIM Indore, Indore institute of pharmacy is amongst the top pharmacy colleges of Madhya Pradesh and amongst the best pharmacy colleges of Indore. IIP was established in 2004 and quickly ascended to top position by ensuring a high focus on quality education and effective as well as holistic development that further translates into high placements. Keeping in sync with its legacy of making careers and transforming lives, IIP also offers student scholarship with the aim of reaching out to deserving meritorious students as well as an all rounder (As per Govt. Norms).

  • The prime objective of programme in Pharmacy is to provide strong foundation in pharmacy possessing basic knowledge and comprehensive understanding of Profession of Pharmacy.
  • The Programme in Pharmacy shall give students the knowledge and skills needed to work independently as a
  • To prepare pharmacy graduates for a successful career with effective planning skills, problem analyzing skills, leadership skills, communication skills, and professional
  • To create dynamic and competent Pharmacists for their successful careers in Pharmaceutical industry, academia, government organization, hospitals, and other organizations and as an
  • To promote and enhance the quality of Pharmacy education and make student globally competent.

Indore institute of Pharmacy is actively engaged in organizing special education and training programme for the students. Regular classes for communication and personality development are held to improve the overall personality of the  students. Extra classes for aptitude to prepare students for competitive exams are arranged by well qualified teachers. IIP believes in overall development of the students thus various training programme, guest lectures by eminent speakers, workshops and seminars are conducted routinely. Industrial visit being the most important learning part for the students at IIP is routinely carried out. Recently IIP has been selected for conducting CEP (Continue Education Program) for Pharmacy teachers.

Special Education & Learning

  • Pharmacy graduates will acquire adequate scientific information regarding basic principles of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy.
  • The graduates will also have hands on training of practical aspects of synthesis of APIs and its intermediates along with Formulation and Development, Analysis and Quality assurance of various pharmaceutical dosage forms including those of herbal origin as per standards of official
  • Pharmacy graduates will develop an ability to envisage and work on multidisciplinary tasks. They will be able to develop necessary skills (e.g. working independently, time management and organizational skills).
  • The graduates will be able to acquire knowledge and expertise with current audio-visual presentation technologies and develop an ability to communicate scientific knowledge by adopting various modes of scientific communications such as abstract, manuscripts, project reports, oral and poster presentations
  • Graduates will be able to utilize theoretical and practical skills developed through classroom, laboratories and team project experiences and thus will develop confidence and will be able to do specialized research in the core and applied areas of pharmaceutical sciences, manufacture, analyze and assure the drug based formulations etc.

Career Opportunity Retail Pharmacy


  • The Pharmacists work in retail pharmacy. Retail pharmacists dispense and verify medications, counsel patients on medication use and general health issues, and




  • There are a broad range of opportunities available to pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry. They can participate in research and development, quality assurance, drug information, sales, marketing, regulatory affairs or clinical




  • Pharmacists interested in teaching can pursue a career as faculty member at a pharmacy institutes and can contribute in developing next generation


Hospital pharmacy and Clinical pharmacy


  • Hospital pharmacist plays an important role in providing knowldege to the other health care providers and patients on the safe and effective use of medications and is responsible for choosing, preparing, storing, compounding, and dispensing medications. Clinical pharmacists work with physicians and other health care professionals to ensure that medications contribute to optimal patient health


Consultant pharmacy


  • Pharmacy graduates can pursue their career as Pharmacy consultants and can work with long-term care facilities and review drug regimens, offer pharma co-kinetic dosing services, patient counseling and therapeutic drug monitoring.


Government Jobs:


  • There are various opportunities in government sector for Pharmacist viz. drug inspector, hospital pharmacist