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Auditoriums and Seminar Hall

IIST has two auditoriums which are spread over an area of 11,500 sq ft. and are laced with latest facilities. In addition there is also a four stepped seminar hall that is used regularly and frequently by students.

These are venues that have been witness to some of the electrifying performances which different student groups have conjured. They figure in the memories of students even though they might have finished with their journey with IIST.

No wonder than that they are amongst one of the most important part of IIST and the one which are looked after with great care and dedication.

IIST/IIP/IIMR management with a strong belief in Best Practices has extended hand-holding to its students during a tough time of COVID pandemic by giving -

  1. Easy installment options to pay the fee in all three institutions.
  2. Offer to provide free education to all the students, who lost their single earning parent during the pandemic in case not getting assistance from Govt.
  3. Even final year students have been given concessions in fees who were facing financial hardship due to Covid.
  4. Last but not the least, No student has been deprived of writing exams due to non-payment of fees.