• Quality Assurance – A Lucrative Career for Pharma Students

    Pharmacy is a domain that can be termed as the backbone of the healthcare industry. The cure and treatment of any aliment primarily depend on the proper administration of.

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  • What Makes the IT Program at IIST the Best in its Class

    Information technology is a domain and a stream of studies that has made overwhelming progress over the last few decades, and the impact it has made on each and.

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  • Why is Technical Knowledge Taking Over as a Prerequisite for Management Aspirants?

    Management has always been and will always remain one of the most sought-after domains in terms of career options. However, as far as the skills and knowledge required to.

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  • Indore Institute – A Pioneer in the Field of Management Education

    Management is a dream profession for many aspirants, and the best part about the field is that it accommodates students from almost every stream, be it science, humanities, or.

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  • The Key Aspects that Make the MBA Program at IIMR a Class Apart from Others

    MBA has always remained a popular choice as a profession and undoubtedly offers a fair opportunity of career options which are well rewarded. Grooming a student as a leader.

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  • Progressive Infrastructure for Evolving Times

    With time, education has also come a long way, and it no longer confines itself within the periphery of formal textbook learning. As time evolved, so did the world.

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  • The ERP-Enabled Smart Campus of Indore Institute

    Application of ERP integrated software has made systematic progress over the last few years. With the advantage of making the entire course of work and operations of an institution.

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  • Six Essential Management Skills You Need to Be a Successful Leader

    Management is one of the most sought-after career options that we have at present. However, merely passing the graduation program from a business school is not enough to become.

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  • What All You Can Do with a Management Degree in HR?

    A well-remunerated career that comes with a bundle of respect is a much sought after one. Of all the management streams, Human Resource management is surely the one that.

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  • The Earning Potential in Electronics and Communication Engineering

    • February 23, 2019
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    Engineering has always been one of the most popular choices amongst the various higher education streams. Of all the different branches that are available under the umbrella term, Engineering,.

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