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  • Mechanical Engineering

    This lab is equipped with machines to conduct experiments to
    verify concepts of rotating equipment, Pelton Turbine and Kaplan

    This lab has software like CAD, Pro E, Anasys for Computer-aided
    design (CAD), also known as computer-aided design and drafting

    To acquaint the students with the fundamental aspects of the
    application of refrigeration and Air conditioning systems. Vapor
    compression, vapor absorption and other types of refrigeration and
    Air conditioning systems are studied in this lab.

    To demonstrate automobile components and study their mechanism.

    To study and perform experiments of Vibration and Noise Engg.

    To introduce student about the Drafting, Modeling & Analysis
    using various Software in engineering field. Various latest
    softwares like AutoCad, Pro E and Ansys are installed in the Lab are
    explained to students.

    To conduct demonstration of principles of different modes of heat
    transfer like Conduction, Convection and Radiations.

    To provide the practical knowledge of internal combustion system
    like Carburetion, Fuel Injection, Cooling System and Lubrication
    System. Also used for conducting the experiments to understand
    thermal analysis of ideal cycle and actual cycle.

    This lab provide the practical knowledge of metal cutting process
    and various operations of cutting tools.

    To study and perform experiments related to governors, gyroscopes
    etc and balancing of machines.

    To demonstrate basic principles of thermal engineering and gas
    dynamics by conducting the experiments related to subject content.

    To study and perform experiments related to different type of
    mechanisms and their inversions besides verifying the principal of
    Theory of Machine.

    Provide practical knowledge in utility of various machines and
    conducting experiment on Tensile, Compression and Bending by UTM
    machine, Impact testing machines, Rockwell hardness tester etc.

    Conduct experiments with a view to verify laws and principles of
    Fluid statics and Fluid dynamics, and Flow measurement by using
    devices like Venturi-Meter, Orifice Meter.

    To demonstrate basics of Thermodynamics and conduct experiments in
    thermodynamic principles, applications and concept of energy

    Centralized workshop has facilities like Carpentry Shop, Fitting
    Bench, Black Smithy Shop, Welding Shop, Sheet metal shop, Machine
    Shop develop desired skills required as an engineer.

    This labs conducts, experiments related to concepts of Basic Mechanical Engineering like verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem, Determining tensile strength of a specimen and various models of Boilers, Internal combustion engines and Lathe Machine.

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