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  • Information Technology

    In this lab students understand the basic concept of Cryptography and Network Security, their mathematical models, various types ciphers, DES, AES, message Authentication, digital Signature, virus, worms and firewall.

    Database Management System lab manages the need for efficient storage of data’s as they matter in today’s world of bulky usage. The DBMS course starts from developing a simple query to notification and security level issues that involve views trigger events and reports. Also students are encouraged to do a mini project with the help of Visual basic and MS access on their own that tunes out them in finding various procedures that suits the need of the application.

    In this lab we teach fundamental concepts in the area of cloud computing and impart Knowledge in cloud application. Cloud computing skills have surpassed expertise in IT security, project management, virtualisation, network skills, database management, business intelligence and application development knowledge to become the most valuable proficiency sought by enterprise IT, research has revealed.

    Java Programming Lab focuses on developing the students coding part with the help of java’s core techniques that extends to work on frontend tools like swings and AWT. Also the code reusability is employed using various inheritance techniques and interfaces. File handling techniques along with JDBC database connectivity is also provided that imparts the students to handle a mini project.

    In this lab the students work learn different type of advance programming language like Advance Java, JDBC, ODBC.

    NetBeans is the free open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE). NetBeans is also an extensible platform used to build OS-independent applications. NetBeans enables the development of cross-platform desktop, mobile, and web applications based on industry standards.

    Computer Practice lab aims at providing the basics of computer knowledge from the scratch that includes application programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and also concentrates on the Program development in C language along with the algorithm and flowchart. Also an overall study and implementation of Unix commands and programming techniques were explored in this laboratory. This laboratory acts as a base for both the computer literates and computer illiterates from the school levels. To introduce to simple linear and non linear data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, trees and graphs.

    Web Technology Lab employs the students to develop web application programs using, Java Script, JQuery and PHP. Innovative websites can be designed with the help of these tools that is needed by the world in promoting their businesses and research projects.

    In this lab students are taught contemporary knowledge in parallel and distributed computing, Equip students with skills to design and analyze parallel and distributed applications. Various design issues of parallel or distributed computing System e.g. system performance and reliability, distributed file system etc are explained.

    Computer Networks Lab involves students in developing their hardware knowledge and to relate their devices and connectivity. It involves in exploring the network topologies, socket programming various transport layer protocols like TCP, UDP, SMTP and FTP. The students can infer a good knowledge about various congestion control algorithms and internet protocols like IPV4 and IPV6. All the programs were implemented in Java that also kindles their programming skills.

    Software Engineering Lab provides space for students in solving simple problems using CASE tools for Planning, cost estimation, Modelling the requirements and configuration management. The lab curriculum involves working on various application programs in real-time that makes students to correlate their technical world along with the real world. Rational Rose along with VB6 is used in developing these application programs.

    Object Oriented Programming Lab aims at providing the concepts of oops like Abstraction Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism etc. These concepts act as the pillar for developing the current IT industry needs. Efficient usage of time and space complexity needs is addressed with the help of this laboratory.

    Introduce students to soft computing concepts and techniques and foster their abilities in designing and implementing soft computing based solutions for real-world and engineering problems. Explain the students about fuzzy sets and its operations. Introduce students to fuzzy systems, fuzzy logic and its applications. Introduce students to genetic algorithm fundamentals and its operators and procedure. Explain the students about Artificial Neural Networks and various categories of ANN.

    Operating System Lab aims at providing the in-depth knowledge about process their scheduling concepts, threads, memory management techniques, file operations and organization methods, I/O techniques, RAID concepts. It also focuses on Linux operating system concepts which focus the students towards future working environment and open source concepts.

    Department of Information Technology has well-equipped state of the art laboratories which includes branded Desktops & Server Systems of WIPRO System which are interconnected through Cisco Switches & Router to give the students hands on experience like Programming lab, Network lab etc.

    The department has highly qualified staff with industrial as well as teaching experience, which will surely create the quality technocrats and excellent human beings with a vision to take our nation towards peace and prosperity.

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