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  • Computer Science

    This lab is intended to complement the introductory course on Web Designing with practice sessions on Web engineering issues of building software systems that effectively utilize various Web-based resources.

    This lab is intended to complement an introductory course on databases with practice sessions on designing, creating, modifying and querying databases.

    The lab provides basic system operations such as file management, text editing, permission management, and familiarizes with the Linux command-line environment.

    This lab helps study of compilers, Lexical Analyzers, Parser and code for each phase to understand compiler software working and coding in detail.

    Professional Dot net trainers provide lessons with hands on real time dot net projects knowledge. Students learn Microsoft MVC framework, asp .net, VB .net,, silver light, Crystal reports, .net real time project and .net placement training.

    Object oriented programming laboratory provides good understanding of basic concepts of oops and the need of developing software applications. They can also gain knowledge of the static member, friend function, operator overloading, linked list, exception handling, polymorphism.

    Data Structures lab aims to provide knowledge about Data Structures, Applications of data structures, Problem solving using data structure tools and Techniques. Students are made familiar with C programming and its applications.

    Computer Graphics & Multimedia lab provide a comprehensive introduction to computer graphics leading to the ability to understand contemporary terminology, progress, issues, and trends, focusing on 3D modeling, image synthesis, and rendering, geometric transformations, geometric algorithms.

    To study paradigms and approaches used to analyze and design algorithms and to appreciate the impact of algorithms design in practice.

    The primary goal of software engineering is to design and develop various phases of Software systems that take student to next level with respect to highly design and efficient quality software. The students acquire significant new skills to design UML designing and specific skills related to project management.

    Java is a programming language which helps students to develop their ideas in programming. This lab teaches student object oriented concepts and enable them to use these concepts in their projects. Using this language students are able to design a website and desktop based applications, they are able to deal with threads, exception handling, applets.

    Soft Computing Lab provides elementary knowledge of performance-Index in various Artificial Neural Network in different programming languages & tools like C and MATLAB. This computing lab develops understanding in Biological Neural Network for Computer Science. Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic are also latest research in Robotics for students Development.

    The objective of the lab is to improve the learning and writing skills of Basic computer programming. Languages like c and c++. Students also work with MS word, excel and database SQL server software, simultaneously improve programming skills and work with Operating system like Windows and Linux.

    Operating System LAB provide concepts of process; address space, file and memory management. In this lab students will compare different CPU scheduling algorithms.

    Cloud Computing is latest research area in this field. Our lab is providing simulated environment for Cloud Computing with CloudSim and Hardware infrastructure. Students are learning all Cloud services like Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas), and Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

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