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  • Chemical Engineering Laboratories

    This lab is used to conduct various experiments related to testing of industrial materials like cement, fats and oils etc. along with the experiments using electrochemistry techniques. It has various instruments other than the usual glasswares & chemicals which includes. Conductivity Meter, Desiccators, Hot Plate, Water Bath, Photo Calorimeter, pH meter, Muffle Furnace, Polarimeter.

    This includes the calibration & operation of different testing & analytical instrument along with the basic knowledge on instrumentation symbols in process Flow sheet. The instruments in the lab are: Digital pH Meter, Turbidity Meter, Conductivity Meter, Polarimeter, Spectrophotometer, Water level by Strain Gauge, Pressure measurement by Strain gauge, Photo Calorimeter.

    The objective of the Fluid Mechanics lab is to study the fluid flow phenomena, application of Brnoulli’s theory, pressure drop calculations, fluid flow rate, performance of fluid moving machineries, energy losses due to friction, curves & fittings. Fluid Mechanics lab is equipped with: Orifice meter, Venturi meter, Meta centric Height measurement, Reynolds law measuring equipment, Pitot Tube, Nozzles, Weirs, Centrifugal Pump, Pipe Fitting losses and friction measuring equipment.

    The lab contains experimental setups related with the various unit operation techniques mainly size reduction & separation of solids from the mixtures. These include various crushing and grinding equipments, separation techniques and methods for determining particle size distribution. Fluid Mechanics lab is equipped with: Ball Mill, Jaw Crusher, Hammer Mill, Fluidized Bed, Plate and Frame Filter press, Cyclone separator, Test Sieves, Gyratory Sieve, Physical balance.

    The lab deals with the phenomena of heat transfer i.e. conduction, convection & radiation. Experiments are related with the measurements of thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficients rate of heat transfer by convection, radiation, evaporation, boiling and condensation and various Heat Exchangers. Laboratory includes equipment: Open pan Evaporator, Single Effect Evaporator, Shell and Tube Heat exchanger, Double pipe Heat Exchanger, Thermal Conductivity Measurement equipments, Natural Convection Equipment, Forced Convection Equipment, Emissivity measurement equipments, Drop and Film wise Condensation

    Object oriented programming laboratory provides good understanding of basic concepts of oops and the need of developing software applications. They can also gain knowledge of the static member, friend function, operator overloading, linked list, exception handling, polymorphism.

    In this laboratory students learn the technology related with the water pollution, air pollution & soil pollution. The students are given hand on training on apparatus/equipments used for measurement of water quality parameter, air pollutants, heavy metals & soil pollutant using physical, chemical & biochemical techniques. Environment lab is equipped with: Soil and water testing kit, pH meter, Turbidity meter, Conductance meter, Polarimeter, Spectrophotometer, BOD, COD, Colony counter, Muffle Furnace, Refrigerator, Heating Mental, Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate, Analysis kit, Orsat Gas Analyser, Electronic Balance, Digital Photocalorimeter

    Numerical models are developed for modeling chemical processes involving fluid flow, heat and mass transfer with chemical reaction. The mathematical models are solved with the aid of sophisticated software on personal computers Modeling and simulation software include, CHEMCAD, as a numerical tool for modeling fluid flow, heat transfer, and reactions in fluid/solid systems such as porous beds, membranes, reactors, and channels. The lab uses Mat lab and ChemCAD.

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