Soumitra journey’s from an average student to a Star Employee at leading Multi-national. !!

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May 10, 2016
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May 10, 2016

Soumitra journey’s from an average student to a Star Employee at leading Multi-national. !!


“I was never the top of the class, “narrates Soumitra. “Starting at IIST was perhaps the first thing I did in life that put me in the league of achievers!” “I still remember how I never trusted myself to have a bright future. My goals were blurred, vision limited and motivations all but gone. But I did one thing right for my career and that was joining IIST. And thIt w entire experience transformed me – the way I think and the say I live.”

A 2010 graduate of Mechanical Engineering from IIST, Soumitra shares how it was the college and more importantly his teachers that helped him succeed. “IIST has very friendly and helpful faculty members and a good academic environment which has been beneficial for my academic career. In the initial days of my graduation I was no more than an average student as far as my academic records were concerned but unlike other institutes, the faculty at IIST did not give up on me. They would constantly guide me, motivate me and most importantly, help me. I believe that each individual is a product of someone’s inspiration and motivation, and for me it was IIST.”

He remembers the days at college, the long study hours, the excellent peer group that constantly inspired him. Apart from that, he believes it was the emphasis on holistic growth that helped him the most, “IIST allowed me to have great opportunities to learn and enhance my skills set by organizing events such as career showcase and workshops. Organizing, coordinating and networking helped me improve my communication skills, assisted me in becoming a team players and acknowledging the leader within me.”

He goes on to give due credit to the excellent set of placements and his own professional growth to IIST. “Most colleges only give you the education – the skill set. But to be successful, you need opportunities and IIST understand that. IIST’s placement cell helped me launch my career with Batch Master Pvt. Ltd, Indore. There onwards I never turned back and today I am working as a Test Engineer with Ernst & Young (known as EY) - a multinational professional services firm and is one of the "Big Four" accounting firms in the world. In my professional career of around four years I have been recognized as a STAR PERFORMER by my Employer, which was a dream of an ordinary student of IIST who is now a well-recognized resource.”

Asked to leave a message for young aspirants he smiles, “Never believe that you can’t do it. Trust your teachers and follow them. They are there to guide and support you. Just give your 100% and the world would be yours to conquer. All the best.”

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