“My 4 Golden Years @ IIST” Aditya Patnakar remembers his time spent at IIST and how from a young college it has transformed into the best college of the city

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May 7, 2016
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“My 4 Golden Years @ IIST” Aditya Patnakar remembers his time spent at IIST and how from a young college it has transformed into the best college of the city

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“I am the lucky few who has seen the transition of the sentiment from ‘IIST, which college is this?’ to an appreciative ‘Oh! IIST!’”, says Aditya, a 2009 pass out of Electronics and Communication branch of Indore Institute of Science and Technology. He remembers the first look of the campus, still under construction back in 2005 and recalls how he had envisioned it be something big and glorious. “I did have my apprehensions but when I stepped in the college for my counselling, they all went away.” He still remembers with a hint of nostalgia the very first visit to the campus, the feel of the brochure and the smiling faces of the team at IIST. It was promising change and it did.

“I was fascinated but I also did my homework. I met seniors, studying at IIST and was assured of the faculty, the various facilities, the infrastructure and everything that would add on to my success. And I joined. 12th September 2005 was the day I stepped into IIST and prepared for my life to change. And it did…for the better!”

He goes all nostalgic as he talks about the endless hours put in to score good marks and stay on top of the Electronics and Communication Branch, the many quizzes and seminars he attended, the team work that went into the many competitions they participated in and more than anything the fun he had and the friends he made…memories and relations for life.

“In 2007-08 and 2008-09 our branch – Electronics and Communication were the Champions. I still remember the final cricket match in 2009. We were chasing a score of 120 in 12 over’s set by the Computer Science Department. A huge run rate of 10 an over and already 2 down for 12 runs, my friend Delwin Davis and I had an uphill task. I recall feeling that it was the final year…the final match and I could not loose. It was as hot as an oven that May afternoon but I was determined. And from that grim begin my friend and raced to a phenomenal victory. As the crowds came rushing in and lifted us on their shoulders I knew that the moment would be with me forever.”

He also narrates the exciting academic journey, how his first results left him feeling disappointed and how he was guided by his teachers that it only meant he could do much better. Like a true IISTian, he took up the challenge and worked hard to achieve the desired success. But being amongst the top was not enough. He knew it needed more than just good score and knowledge to get a decent placement and with global recession gripping the globe, he was truly worried.

“I still recall how I had been worried about getting placed after college and Ruchi Ma’am, our Training and Placement Officer had showed faith in me. She had said that I would be the first in my college to get placed and true to her word, I was amongst the very first placements of my batch.” The guidance, support and camaraderie that he received at IIST stay with him as he recalls the glorious days, “The days at IIST were filled with so much activity that we never realized how the time flew. Finally, it was the final day, last paper, last day, last lunch and the last bus. It was time to go home, get out into the real world but we were confident. IIST was, is and would forever be a part of our lives and I am so proud of it.”

His parting words to his juniors were, “Stay focussed and trust your institute. It would stand by you through and through. All the best.”

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