IIST organized Seminar on “Free and Open Source Technology” !!

Ankit Barve
IISTian Ankit Barve trails his blaze to success at Tata Consultancy Services, Netherlands
May 13, 2017
A Seminar on IT INDUSTRY AS BITA (Business Information Technology) !!
May 16, 2017

IIST organized Seminar on “Free and Open Source Technology” !!


Indore Institute of Science and Technology organized a Seminar on “Free and Open Source Technology”

Open source software has rapidly moved up the so-called “software stack” over the last decade. Indore Institute of Science and Technology has been initiated to avail one of latest open source technologies, in which how source code of software is made available for study, modify and distribute to everyone. To make students aware about the importance of software development process, tools, SRS, team work etc. in computer science and IT fields, IIST conducted a seminar on Free and Open Source Technology in which Mr. Pranay Pandey, Senior developer from Hot Wax System guided on Research & Development in the area of FOSS Deployment, tools & technologies. In the seminar he presented about several open source technologies like Mozilla, Fedora, LibreOffice, GNOME, KDE etc.  Today, thousands of open source technologies are available for many emerging application like CRM, desktop and server and e-commerce. Government of India has taken many initiatives for promoting and fostering the adoption of Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) in view of various inherent advantages like increasing interoperability, developing local capacity/ industry, reducing costs, conserving foreign exchange, vendor independence, enabling localization and reducing piracy/copyright infringements. Dr.Joy Banerjee, Director, Indore Institute of Science and Technology in his welcome speech looking at the demand for open source talent, and companies struggle to find experienced professionals to fill open roles and  guided students to take initiative to groom their skills.




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