Machine Design

Degree Awarded Discipline Duration Entry Level Seats in IIST
M.E. Machine Design 2 years B.E. 18

Course Objective

To produce highly skilled Mechanical Engineers who will play a vital role in bringing technological changes in the world through their leadership and innovations

The Program

  • Being a technical program in Mechanical Stream, the course will equip students with fundamental skills and in-depth knowledge of engineering applications.
  • Based on the emerging needs of consumers (industrial, domestic and public sector), our program focuses on both designing and manufacturing.
  • The program is challenging, curriculum is rigorous and selection procedure is highly competitive. As a result, Indore Institute of Science and Technology seeks for candidates whose abilities, skills and personality indicate a strong potential for success in the future.

  • The Program Design

    Spread over eight semesters in four years the program offers students the opportunity for specialization in different fields of Mechanical Engineering.

    Teaching Pedagogy

    One of the key strengths of doing BE from Indore Institute of Science and Technology, Indore is the variety and flexibility in the teaching pedagogy. It enables meaningful learning. Each member of the faculty is encouraged to make use of the rich basket of pedagogy which is consistent with the course learning requirements as well as overall focus of the BE in Mechanical stream.

    The teaching pedagogy combines lecture-cum-discussions, presentations, assignments, simulation and games, role-plays and self-learning projects. Teaching aids like computers, projectors etc. are used in the class.

    The spearheaded faculty, library and laboratory staff are always there to enhance the learning experience provided at IIST-2. Advance preparation and participation by the students is encouraged to further enrich the unique learning experience.

    The Department of Mechanical Engineering of IIST, Indore is well known for providing a challenging academic program to its students. We also motivate our students to gain real-world engineering experience. Moreover, our graduate course offers exciting and multi-disciplinary opportunities for students to research and explore. Students at IIST-2 get excellent opportunities to work alongside their advisors. IIST-2 has state-of-the-art teaching tools and smart ICT resources

    The department also offers specializations in different areas to its undergraduate students as well.