“Believe in yourself, work hard” says Shraddha

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April 28, 2016
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May 7, 2016

“Believe in yourself, work hard” says Shraddha


I was always keen to acquire best knowledge and believe in hard work. During my school time I decided to go abroad for higher education. But before going abroad I wanted to make my knowledge about the technologies crystal clear, and I am delighted to say that I had enrolled in Indore Institute of Science & Technology, which guided me to discover my area of interest. It offered me the space to grow as an individual, to try new things and to meet new and interesting people. It's a place where you're never far from a new opportunity or experience. I did my masters in Electrical Engineering from Canada. Then I was introduced to the corporate world which was very new to me. But the knowledge, patience and team work I learnt from IIST helped me to discover myself. Working as an Electrical Designer/Engineer for 2 years in Canada, I was passionate to enhance my career further. Then, I moved to US for pursuing Master in Engineering Management, where I gained management knowledge and got complete understanding on Engineering. Now I am working as Business Intelligence Analyst. Looking back, I always feel I am fortunate to have the support and encouragement of my parents which kept motivating me to gain success on every aspect of life.

There is so much to include in the IIST experience that it is hard to pinpoint a starting point, but I guess I will commence with the academics. It is easy to see why IIST never fails to place in the top colleges in the Indore. IIST is a wonderful place to gain a great academic and real world educational experience. I am really happy that I decided to attend IIST. It provided me with a lot of academic and extracurricular opportunities. The students are academically driven and use the city of Indore as an excellent resource for internship, research, and job opportunities; at the same time, the IIST fosters a fun and creative atmosphere

The college contains the most driven and passionate people I have ever met. IIST has very experienced and phenomenal Professors. The environment is one of encouragement and that was very important to me as a student because I feel that students need to compete and also motivate one another. The best part about it is the professors who are really involved with their students. I do credit my time at IIST for giving me a clearer path to a career choice and helping me focus my interests.

For the college of engineering, it is a great college with a ton of career opportunities. The professors are reachable and willing to help with any problems that may arise. I think a large college provides opportunities to meet many people and make many connections. IIST has great resources and opportunities to network. As our great President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says- "All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” And, thus IIST was one of the platforms that allowed me to explore myself, my area of interest as well as teach me to work in a team.

To me those were the best four years of my life and have formed a major part of who I am today. One piece of advice I'd give to new students is chossing IIST is the best choice but you also need to expand your horizons. IIST is a safe place to bring you the path of success but you need to believe in yourself & never stop doing hard work because luck sometimes going to be in your favor & sometimes not, but hard work will always going to pay off.

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