IISTian Ankit Barve trails his blaze to success at Tata Consultancy Services, Netherlands

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IISTian Ankit Barve trails his blaze to success at Tata Consultancy Services, Netherlands

Ankit Barve

“I think college time is the best part of any student's life with lots of expectations in terms of fun and friendships with new people and of course career, as a college provides the platform to change the life of students.

Although when I started, my perception was a little different; I just wanted to get a honors degree so that I could get a good job and that was my only goal, because at that time, I was told that "only good marks will decide your career". But now, as per my experience in a corporate as an employee and as a recruiter I have to say, "Overall personality of a person decides his/her altitude in their career."

So, overall development of the personality is very important. In the first year of my college, I had a lot of self-created pressure to study well and to get good marks and understand these many subjects so I used to study without involving in any fun and other extra-curricular activities as I was very shy, reserved and under-confident but when I was in my final semester, I was a totally different person. I still remember the feedback of faculty members and my college friends and the same I introspected that I had changed to a friendly, confident, communicative and a dynamic person.

In this transformation of my personality, faculty staff of the Computer Science department played a vital role, They used to motivate me to participate in all extra-curricular activities like hosting college functions, dance, fashion show, sports and other inter-intra college competitions; and these activities has helped me a lot in removing my stage fear and in developing my confidence, communication skills, leadership skills, interpersonal skills and team skills and in a single line.

In developing my overall personality and in growing as a person in my all roles of life. Trust me, this guidance and learning has always given me a lead in my day to day professional life, especially when as an employee I represent my unit and organization at international level. So as I see it, IIST provides not only a medium where students become just engineers or managers, but a wide platform to launch them as leaders of tomorrow and a winner in life. So now, as students, the onus is on you how you utilize this platform and how you work on yourself to grow, realize your potential and how to lead our life. And as I see it now, many of my seniors, batch mates, classmates and now juniors are champions in their respective fields and are bringing glory to IIST across the globe.

My heartfelt thanks to the faculty staff and management of the college for all their kind support. “

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