National Seminar on Recent Advances in Herbal Medicine on 7th March, 2017

Felicitation of Vice President PCI Dr Shailendra Saraf in Indore Institute of Pharmacy.
January 6, 2017
National Seminar on “Recent Advances in Herbal Medications” on 7march, 2017.
March 10, 2017

National Seminar on Recent Advances in Herbal Medicine on 7th March, 2017

National Seminar on Recent Advances in Herbal Medicine

The use of herbal medicines in India has a long history of human interactions with the environment. Natural products from medicinal plants, either as pure compounds or as standardised extracts, provide good opportunities for new drug due to chemical diversity. Interest in this field has been continuously growing due to increasing demand for chemical diversity in screening programs, seeking therapeutic drugs from natural products. However, clinical trials are necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness of newly developed bio-active compounds. Indore Institute of Pharmacy (IIP), under sponsorship of MP Council of Science & Technology, is organising a National Seminar on Recent Advances in Herbal Medication on 7th March 2017 which will deliberate on current technologies of extraction, isolation and herbal preparation. Dr Shailendra Saraf, Vice President, Pharmacy Council of India, has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest. Dr Ajit Singh, Chairman ACG World Wide has accepted the invitation to honor the seminar despite very busy schedule. Dr Swarnalata Saraf, Professor University Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur will be Guest of Honor and deliver a lecture on “Nanotechnology, A Boon for Delivery of Herbal Cosmeceuticals”. Dr Chayya Bhatt, Director Amsar Pvt Ltd will talk on “Standardization of Herbal Drugs”. There has been a huge response to the seminar and request for registration is pouring from all corners of the country. Dr Sanjay Jain, Principal IIP, is expecting over 350 delegates for the seminar.

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