Anushi Shrivastava : Will Dream & make it HAPPEN

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Anushi Shrivastava : Will Dream & make it HAPPEN


I completed my engineering degree in Computer Science from Indore Institute of Science & Technology (IIST), Indore in 2010. Through the dedicated Placement Cell of IIST, I got placed in Collabera Technologies, Baroda and right now am working in Synechron Technologies, Pune.

The goal for me in life has always been "Dreamer as I am: Will dream and make it happen". Straight after school, I took admission in IIST, which made me understand the driving factor inside me. The institution & experienced faculty encouraged me to enroll myself in things which I had never done, It aimed to collaborate towards motivating me and making me conscious and aware about the goals within me.

The time I was hired, the companies were mostly looking for graduates with practical knowledge around tools and technologies used in IT industry which was missing from the fresh graduates from most of the other colleges. The Student Development Cell (SDC) at IIST offered a highly challenging & equally stimulating environment for me to help shape my career. They did a fantastic job to bring opportunities to our door step, even during such tough times.

There were many instances where I can think about myself and reflect upon the nourishing experiences I had while travelling the meaningful journey with IIST. Broadly, the education that I received shaped how I engage, interpret and act in the world around me now.

In turn, thoughts such as these compel me to recognize and thank the institution without which none of this would have been possible.

My sincere advice to my fellow juniors would be that, "You have got an excellent platform to showcase your skills and hone new skills as well, just grab this opportunity. Play to your strengths and you will be rewarded as all your seniors have been".

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